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Staff training


Food hygiene and safety certification since 2007. The management team and control was trained on site by a teacher-certification of food control. We have changed our behaviour, invest in appropriate equipment for transporting food, adapted our kitchen and set up a permanent monitoring system. (Read more …)



For many years, we are sensitive to the problem of waste of energy. That is why we have taken steps to improve our management of energy (solar panels, control and regulation system of public lighting, air conditioners, and selective recovery of waste sorted.).
Since 2008, we are certified by the Green Key program set up and certified by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection.

France Tourisme Responsable

France Tourisme Responsable

The selection committee of the 3rd Responsible Tourism awards held in Paris October 13, 2009 prevailed Dar Daif Trophy “Hosting Manager” small structures.

Trophée 2014 Maroc Tourisme Responsable

Trophée 2014 Maroc Tourisme Responsable

Charte marocaine du Tourisme Responsable

Charte marocaine du Tourisme Responsable

Maroc Tourisme Responsable

Maroc Tourisme Responsable

June 19, 2009, during the 9th Sitting Tourism in Saidia, Dar Daïf & Desert Mountain and received the Responsible Tourism Trophy in the category of values, tradition and culture.
February 24, 2014, on the side-lines of the 4th International Symposium on Sustainable Tourism held in Agadir, Jean-Pierre Datcharry was privileged to be awarded at the Responsible Tourism Award February 24, 2014 in the theme “Value, tradition and culture” under large camel caravans he has initiated on the ancient caravan routes.

Charte de qualité des maisons d’hôtes AMHMS

Charte de qualité des maisons d’hôtes AMHMS

Our engagements

Our commitment to fair and responsible tourism.
Dar Daif & Desert Mountain and Morocco are pioneers in Morocco and south of the Atlas implementation of some form of tourism, hiking, accommodation.
Our intention is to preserve and enhance the natural, cultural, human, Morocco’s culinary territories and to fully participate in their development, particularly through the development of renewable energy.
This commitment involves the entire team through a real awareness, various workshops, changes and improving our behaviour.

This commitment is also based on the involvement of our guests.
1. Our commitments to the team Dar Daif
- Ensuring decent work, interesting, throughout the year and personal developer. 
- Offering multi-tasking of specialties to offer steady work and less seasonal.

Example: A stove of Dar Daif can leave a few weeks on the bivouacs, an accountant will be responsible for replacing a receptionist, a reservation manager will take you observe birds of the lake or meet you at the airport. The masseuse will take canoeing on the lake, the guard will guide you with donkeys or mountain bike to discover the oasis. The cook or pastry will drive you choose the ingredients to the market to teach you his or her pastry kitchen.

– Ensuring decent pay, as far as possible beyond the Moroccan minimum wage, including all social insurance and paid vacation.

– Continuously improve the quality of work, the level of insurance and leave, support access to credit to improve housing, train continuously.

2. Our commitments to our guests

– Rapid response to your requests.

– A choice of quality accommodation.

– A reservation service open7/7 from 8 AM to 8 PM (locale hours).

– Consideration of remarks before, during and after your stay.

– Welcome you with sensitivity and respect.

– Offer you the possible meeting with the deep Morocco, its culture and its rich customs, its people, its fragrant and tasty cuisine.

– Allow you to discover the varied nature of Morocco (valleys, mountains, oases, desert, erg …).

– Contribute to the relaxation of the soul and body.

– The transparency of our services and our prices, delivery of detailed invoice amounts with tax (VAT, local, tourist).

– In case of failure of promised benefits: we are committed to trying to solve the problem posed, fairly, as quickly as possible. The means used will be immediate to the best of our possibilities.

– Attract your attention to the respect for the culture of the host country and other guests.

– Promote a genuine encounter between the traveling and the host who receives it, the places he travels.

  1. Our commitments to Morocco

– Respect the lows and costumes of Morocco

– Pay all of the Legal taxes (TVA, Diverse and touristic taxes).

– Give fair pay to the members of the team.

– Do not perform low price pressure on purchases of various products.

– To fight against all forms of pollution they environmental or visual.

– Manage watering the garden at night and cleaning of terraces and vehicles with well water.

– Minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment.

– Managing our waste with sorting & recycling:

Food or plant recycled for animal village.

Plastic bottles recovered for the villagers.

Paper and cardboard burned in the boiler of the steam room.

– Use recyclable packaging and a maximum of employees (and we removed 90% of plastic bags packaging, bins with washable containers).

– Prioritize the purchase of local products and natural seasons

Examples: olive oil from a cooperative in the palm groves of Ouarzazate. Safran from cooperative in Taliouine. Almond Saghro. Nuts of Toubkal. Rose water from water kella M’gouna. Orange Blossom from Haouz. Cumin and chili from Oumjrane. Dates of the palm groves of the Draa and Tafilalet. Vegetables and fruits from the local market first. Certified meats and local markets. Argan oil from certified cooperative. Yogurts and dairy products dairy cooperatives Ouarzazate and Taroudant.

-Invest to save energy:

Water and electricity savers, saving light bulbs, switch systems of air conditioning and lighting the rooms, terraces, solar panels for hot water, solar electricity (experimental for a room).


– Participate in the social life

2000 – Creation of an association of guest houses AMHMS (founding member) gathering guest houses from Marrakech and South.
2009 – Creation of an association of guest houses AMHSA (founding member) gathering guest houses south of the Atlas (Ouarzazate, Dades, Zagora).

4. Our commitments to hygiene and safety

– Establish a controller hygiene, safety and energy savings.

– To continually improve the level of hygiene in our facility by attitudes, training, and traceability, practices, in our immediate and surrounding environment.

– Follow the rules of the HACCP.

– Train staff in first aid basics of civil protection (18 people trained)

– Train staff in first aid basics (pool, lake) for civil protection (3 people trained)

Staff training

All members of the team Dar Daïf and Desert Mountain and Morocco participated in a continuing education process that allows everyone, according to his specialty, to develop and improve its capabilities.

Security for guides

For several years, we conduct training in safety techniques with a French guide and the UCPA in association with another local agency (safety, delicate passages, orientation …): 10 guides were trained, 8 they have done it twice.
First aid

18 members of the team have successfully completed training offered by the Civil Protection in 2008.

Retrained and upgraded in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

First aid/ Swimming 
3 team members have taken and passed the first aid specialty “swimming” to secure our pool and canoe rides on the lake.
Upgraded in 2012, 2013, 2014.


A Ornithological training is scheduled each fall at the time of migration, followed by others in spring 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

Maintenance ATV
2 team members were trained.

HACCP hygiene

3 members of the team managers following each year training in hygiene and food safety through our “controllers”


Dar Daïf whole team follows for 2 years training in hygiene and food safety (put the article links Al Maouja)

Foreign languages

Many language courses were set up with Ouarzazate language agency for the all stuff members: cooks, guides, service and maintenance.
In French: 20 stuff members (literacy and improvement)
In English: 10 stuff members (beginners and advanced)
In Spanish: 4 stuff members (beginners and advanced)

Evening classes with the hotel school in Ouarzazate. (5 in kitchen, 2 service, 1 pastry).
Training in biodiversity
7 team members.

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