History of the hammam

What is Steam room (Hammam)? The steam room (Hammam) is a steam bath.
It includes three or four parts, the first at room temperature, and the second a little warmer, and the third hot.

Benefits of the steam room (Hammam)? 
The steam room (hammam) is known for its beneficial virtues on health; it spreads a humid heat that release can stress and toxins by sweating. 
In a steam room (Hammam) pores expand under the effect of steam allowing a thorough cleaning of the skin.
An unusual relaxing.

History of steam house (Hammam)

Steam house (Hammam), called “bath Moor” (referring to Muslim Spain Al-Andalus), has its origins in Roman and Greek baths.
In its current form, the steam developed in the Ottoman Empire, the Maghreb countries to the Middle East in favour of expanding Islam.

Steam house (Hammam), with the mosque and the souk, are components of the Islamic city. Relating to the model of the ancient baths and for personal hygiene, steam plays an important role in Muslim society.
Just as the Roman baths, steam room became a meeting place or quiet retreat where there is a lazy atmosphere in semi-darkness.

Consisting of 3 bedrooms:

– The apodyterium – frigidarium, dressing room- relaxation room, shower.
- The tepidarium warm room
- The caldarium – sudatorium warm room, sweating

Under the hot part is the slab heating furnace and the vat of boiling water which spreads the steam inside the hot room.

Steam room (Hammam) worldwide.

There are Turkish baths throughout the Middle East and North Africa, from Egypt to Morocco. It plays an important cultural role as a place for social gatherings and ritual purification.

Steam room (Hammam) in Morocco
Two baths existed in the Baths of the Roman city of Volubilis, one of the Roman period, the other steam from the Arab period.
- In Morocco, the Steam room (Hammam)  is an important social phenomenon.
The practice of Steam room (Hammam), black soap and scrub is a ritual, and all classes of society attend regularly this public place: men, women and children (every 8 or 10 days).

Hammam & massage

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