The Gastronomic Menus


Soup Harira or Vegetable soup

Vegetable Briouat + small salad with Argan oil

Peach, banana, avocado or carrot jus (Depending on the season)

Beef, lamb or chicken couscous (please specify your choice of meat)

Dessert (house Specialty)

Infusion, tea or coffee

Mineral water

Beef or lamb tagine (Please specify your choice of meat)

+ Caramelized apple, pear, quince, fennel (depending on the season).

Vegetable Tagine or a range of cooked salads (Please specify your choice of meat)

Pigeon or chicken Pastilla (specify your choice of meat)

Chicken, beef, lamp, or camel kebabs (Please specify your choice of meat)

Tagine “Kefta” with camel meat

Pigeon stuffed with dates

Dates stuffed with almond paste

“Seffa” (fine vermicelli with cinnamon and raisins and almonds)

Or steamed vegetables

Grilled chicken with “Seffa”

In our kitchen, we use: Olive oil from Skoura, saffron from Siroua, cinnamon, Argan oil, Cumin and garlic from the desert, fresh vegetables and fruits from the farmers market.

 Il est à signaler qu’un seul et même menu doit être choisi par la totalité des membres de votre famille ou groupe.

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