Project of a lifetime

  • Jean-Pierre
    Jean-Pierre is the CEO of Dar Daïf and of Désert et Montagne Maroc

    A native of Pyrenees, he became Moroccan by adoption, with his heart and through the number of years lived in Morocco (30) as well as his commitment to the development of the country.
    Mountain and desert guide, he travelled by foot peaks and valleys of the Atlas and the desert from Nador to Laayoune.
    Jean-Pierre marks new paths and accompanies groups such as transhumance and the major crossings.
    He is passionate about traditional architecture based on dirt and stone from the villages of the Atlas and the desert.
    Jean-Pierre had the privilege of being awarded by the Responsible Tourism Award February 24, 2014 themed “Value, tradition and culture” recompensing his long camels crossing he has initiated on some ancient caravan routes.

  • Zineb
    Zineb is native to the high valleys of the central Atlas

    First female Moroccan mountain guide, Zineb is guiding for 25 years (1987).
    Exceptional travel specialist such as “meeting with the women of the high valleys of the Atlas “, she also guides through normal circuits in the Atlas Mountains, the desert, the Atlantic coast, with families or individuals.
    Zineb is a passionate cook, inspired by the richness of Moroccan cuisine that she learned from her mother. Always on the search for new recipes, she reinvents traditional cooking to make it lighter by mixing the kitchen of “great families” of towns and villages, the Mediterranean cuisine, and the desert oasis and spices.
    Her husband Jean-Pierre, also a cook, gourmand and gourmet, contributes to her mixture of flavours, and is usually the first to taste. Zineb is also passionate about calligraphy.
    Zineb had the great honour of being decorated by his Majesty King Mohamed VI on 26 June 2009, for her work as a guide and her commitment as a woman.


Zineb et Jean-Pierre

Zineb and Jean Pierre chose to settle in Ouarzazate more than 20 years at the crossroads of southern valleys of the Atlas and Sahara. 
Originally, the purchase of the old house was made for theirs own home, without water, nor electricity, and no telephone, through a dirt track at the time.  Distance from Ouarzazate allowed access to amenities and ADSL arrived in Dar Daif … Today, the Wi-Fi is available in every room.

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Together, Jean-Pierre and Zineb built, restored their personal home, where they invited their customers and camel caravans to come drink tea and eat the couscous. Their friends suggested them to create one or two bedrooms for accommodation rather than going to the hotel. Year after year, their house with a few rooms has become a real guesthouse, like a caravanserai where camel cross, guides, drivers and guests used to stay.

Gradually, they bought neighbourhood ruined houses to enlarge theirs living and accommodating space. Between two tourist seasons, they resumed the restoration work with their team of master craftsmen and workers, then made what was to become after 10 years of work, the Kasbah Dar Daif.

Jean-Pierre has managed to balance restoration, reconstruction and expansion of the kasbah, using natural materials such as dirt, clay bricks and sun-dried reeds, wood, stone, lime, jlij Tamgrout, marble Tiznit solidity and reinforcements, by the use of modern materials.

Dar Daif continues to offer accommodation with high comfort and harmony between the warmth of collective spaces and intimacy of private spaces.

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